Metallographic analysis

  • The quality of your products depends on the quality of the materials you use.

    We examine, if your product meets the material specifications and if it is of the sufficient quality. If your product quality fails, we help you find out why and how to make improvements.

    Range of analysis

    • Micro-structural investigation and hardness measurements
    • Analysis of surface coatings and treatments
    • Corrosion tests
    • Inspection of weldings and solderings (e.g. PCB soldering)

    Receive polished sections in most kind of solid material: Metals, polymers, ceramics etc. We have many years experience with e.g. cast iron, stainless steel, brass and heat-treated steel. 

    We can make polished sections of complete products or parts around the size of 15 cm for demonstration purposes.
    Assessment of surface finishing (e.g. grinding, barrel polishing, shot peening)
    Surface coatings (structure, composition)
    Contamination analysis (particles, deposits)


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